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With 20+ years of experience and unmatched industry expertise, AMC Bridge enables digital transformation for clients in engineering, manufacturing, and AEC industries. We do it by creating custom software solutions that eliminate data silos, connect complex applications, unlock and promote internal innovation, and democratize cutting-edge technologies.

Software vendors

By utilizing modern software development techniques, AMC Bridge can integrate the latest hardware and software innovations with enterprise applications and workflows to benefit your whole company.


Provide your clients with virtual access to prototypes or inaccessible environments and cut prototyping costs and time to market.

Generative Design

Explore design alternatives to create superior designs and innovative products.

Image and Object Recognition

Provide image recognition capabilities to other applications, processes, or services.


Find technological solutions to help you on your way to automation and digitalization.

Game Engine Technologies

Utilize game engines and AR to deliver digital twins.


Stay ahead of the competition with reliable IT infrastructure to process, store, and analyze massive amounts of data.

AI and Machine Learning

Speed up image recognition and automate information extraction from point clouds and meshes.


Improve your machine-to-machine data connection to unlock the digital twin capabilities of real-time information.

AMC Bridge Expertise

AMC Bridge is a global software development consultancy serving engineering, manufacturing, and construction industries. Since 1999, we have enabled digital transformation for our clients by creating custom software solutions that eliminate data silos, connect complex applications, unlock internal innovation, and democratize cutting-edge technologies.

AMC Bridge’s software development experts use extensive experience with APIs of the majority of engineering software solutions and platforms, as well as in-depth knowledge of computational geometry, 3D visualization, and other advanced technologies to solve our clients’ critical business needs.

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