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Every member of the AMC Bridge team that I have worked with demonstrated their commitment to quality, service, and support. The team has gone out of their way to support us, come up with solid app architectures and complete projects and tasks on time or early. Also, they are consistently motivated to do excellent work and follow through on commitments.

Isaac Puder,
Software Engineering Manager of Cloud & 3D Print Applications, MakerBot Industries, LLC
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Organized: team, documents, tasks in Jira. Creative implementation ideas.

Eran Polna,
Deputy R&D Manager, SolidCAM
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My team from AMC Bridge is outstanding! They do very thorough and conscientious work with an eye towards quality, performance, security, and stability. They are highly professional and often go above and beyond to get the job done. Many times I'd even describe them as fearless!

Karen Mathews,
Product Owner, Amadeus Hospitality
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The team was fantastic to work with. Their impact was noticeable within our Product and they enabled us to build out a lot of key functionality in a short amount of time. We delivered 3 large, key modules to production which are all sellable modules in our product today. Those modules were in addition to a ton of other, smaller feature work. Thank you all again!

Brynn Hogan,
Senior Product Manager, Building Engines
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The amazing AMC Bridge team that has been developing our product for the past several years is top notch in every way. I absolutely love working with them all and trust them to do high quality, reliable work. They are incredibly efficient, they crank out more work than any other team in our company, and they always have a fantastic attitude. When we ask them if they can figure out how to do something new, they always surprise us with how quickly they determine the level of effort, and usually the amount of work we expected ends up being much smaller because they are so skilled. The work is always delivered on time - usually early. They are great at being agile when escalations arise and are self-sufficient, knowing who to work with in our company to get what they need. The time zone difference has zero impact, and I feel like I know and trust them as well as any other colleagues that are US based. I honestly forget that they are contractors most of the time. And the MOST incredible thing is that they are all based in Ukraine and have continued this same quality of work while going through a war!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone in our company is in awe of their professionalism and perseverance during this time. We could not be more pleased with their work and look forward to a long relationship with AMC Bridge."

Mandi Blackford,
Product Manager, Amadeus Hospitality
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It’s been a pleasure working with AMC Bridge. The contractor we had was able to ramp up quickly and started contributing to the project.

Gunjan Choudhary,
Senior Software Engineering Manager, Autodesk Inc.