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We are much obliged to you for your cooperation. We will use your know-how and development capacity as soon as we will have a project ready for outsourcing again.

Petr Lorenc,
Managing Director, Smap3D
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AMC Bridge implemented an important functionality that has been asked for by many users for long time. It was a complex project with a lot of moving parts using multiple languages and technologies.

The team showed proficiency in most technologies and gained knowledge in others as needed. I would be happy to work with you again.

Oleg Sheydvasser,
Software Architect, Autodesk
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The entire team with AMC is phenomenal. They work hard to understand the overall problem statement and help to provide ideas and recommendations for improvements.

Mike Cox,
Lead BIM Strategist, Allegion
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The team has been great in responding to our dynamic needs as we juggle customer requests, major epics, and longer-term architecture issues.

The team has done some critical thinking on tricky issues and challenged us to make improvements to the product. Overall, excited to keep working with the team in 2021.

Jeff Chen,
LH Maqer, LafargeHolcim
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By collaborating with the company that is active around the world, we were able to obtain new discoveries and the desired quality results.

Extremely high capacity and reasonable operating costs.

Hironobu Yoshizawa,
Manager, Robotics Business Department HIRATA
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We are looking forward to working with you in the future.

Hiroshi Sakata,
Solution Division Development, Applied Technology Co.,Ltd.