Helping clients bring specialized products to the market faster by applying deep expertise and a proven track record in using industry-leading engineering software toolkits, libraries, and APIs.

Speed up time to market with our expertise across the entire engineering software spectrum

  • ResourcesDo you have enough qualified resources to meet your delivery window?
    Do they have the required qualification and expertise?
  • ExperienceDoes your team possess knowledge and experience in cutting-edge technologies and toolkits used to develop modern engineering, manufacturing, and AEC applications?
  • QualityAre you sacrificing quality or functionality to accelerate time to market?

AMC Bridge partners with the developers of
industry-leading 3D toolkits
to create unique applications that solve
complex business problems for our

- Igor Tsinman,
President of AMC Bridge


Creating bespoke production-ready applications to bridge gaps in existing software solutions by tailoring features to your precise needs.

We offer tailored software solutions that help you
benefit from accurate modeling of products,
systems, and processes

  • Industry-specific solutionsDoes your software allow you to leverage your domain expertise fully?
    Could a bespoke package better match your industry needs?
  • Efficient integrationWould you know how to integrate a custom engineering solution with off-
    the-shelf CAD/CAE products to keep workflows efficient?
  • Specialist software skillsDo you have in-house expertise in building professional-quality 3D
    software solutions?

AMC Bridge partners with the developers of
industry-leading 3D toolkits
to create unique applications that solve
complex business problems for our

- Igor Tsinman,
President of AMC Bridge


How can we help?

Power your race to market

We help our clients bring highly specialized products to the market faster by applying deep expertise and proven experience in using 3D software toolkits to create production-ready applications

Advanced features

A strategic alliance with vendors of leading specialized toolkits and libraries allows the AMC Bridge team to receive advanced training in new features and get to know best practices and intricate details of the production usage of those toolkits

Seamless integration

Our expertise enables the integration of a client’s disjoined systems with engineering, manufacturing, and construction software to improve productivity and increase throughput

3D visualization

By integrating advanced 3D toolkits into a client’s design, modeling workflows, and applications, the AMC Bridge team enables advanced 3D modeling capabilities and significantly enhanced 3D visualization experience

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How can we help?

Unleash your digital transformation ambitions!

Our 20+ years of experience in engineering software development can help you win in today’s competitive landscape

Custom software creation

We create unique, application-specific software solutions using industry-proven 3D modeling kernels for reliability and faster time-to-market

Modern 3D visualization

Using industry-leading toolkits, we modernize a client’s 3D software and open up possibilities for interactive AR and VR applications on desktop, mobile, and cloud

SDKs and industry-standard CAD formats

We integrate a client’s software components and data with other engineering SDKs, APIs, and industry-standard CAD formats

Design integration

Integrating different CAD/CAM/CAE systems with applications based on the same geometry kernel to maintain frictionless end-to-end concept-to-make processes

Extend functionality and data use

AMC Bridge can help integrate geometric software components to add functionality to your CAD/CAM/CAE software and provide 3D data access beyond the design office

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Why AMC Bridge

The team of experts with a proven record of creating advanced
applications for engineering, manufacturing, and
construction using the best-in-the-class software toolkits, libraries,
and APIs.

Strategic partnerships with leading providers of 3D toolkits such as
Tech Soft 3D, Siemens’ PLM Components, and others.

Partnership agreements and in-depth expertise in using APIs of the
top engineering software vendors such as Autodesk, PTC, and

Extensive expertise in creating CAD/CAM/CAE interoperability

Industry expertise

  • aPriori® Cost Insight
  • ARAS®
  • Autodesk Forge™
  • Autodesk® BIM 360®
  • Cesium®
  • Dyndrite ADK
  • Esri ArcGIS®
  • SketchUp® 3D Warehouse
  • Trimble Connect™
and more…

  • ACIS™
  • CGM™
  • D-Cubed™
  • HOOPS® Communicator
  • Kineo™
  • MachineWorks®
  • ModuleWorks®
  • Open Cascade™
  • Parasolid®
and others…

  • HOOPS® Exchange
  • HOOPS® Publish
  • HOOPS® Visualize
  • JT™
  • ODA® Drawings
  • ODA® Architecture
  • ODA® BimRv
  • ODA® BimNv
  • ODA® IFC
  • ODA® Visualize SDK
  • ODA® Open Cloud
  • Parasolid®
and more…

  • Unity®
  • Unreal Engine®
and others…

  • HOOPS® Exchange
  • HOOPS® Publish
  • HOOPS® Visualize
  • PCL
  • Robotics Library
and more…

Incorporating simulation into your Digital Twins
helps you to deliver within cost and
performance targets and manage the supply
chain disruption.

Client success stories


What clients say

Based on customer survey data, more than 90% of clients would recommend AMC Bridge

  • Jonathan Girroir

    Senior Manager, Technical Marketing, Tech Soft 3D

    Always a great experience working with AMC Bridge.
  • Hironobu Yoshizawa

    Manager, Robotics Business Department, Hirata Corporation

    By collaborating with the company that is active around the world, we were able to obtain new discoveries and the desired quality results. Extremely high capacity and reasonable operating costs.
  • Tejas Baindur

    Product Manager, IoT and Data Science, RIZE, Inc.

    The team is very flexible, responsive, co-operative, easy to work with and efficient. It is a good experience working with AMC Bridge overall.
  • Brynn Hogan

    Senior Product Manager, Building Engines

    The team was fantastic to work with. Their impact was noticeable within our Product and they enabled us to build out a lot of key functionality in a short amount of time. We delivered 3 large, key modules to production which are all sellable modules in our product today. Those modules were in addition to a ton of other, smaller feature work. Thank you all again!
  • Kazutaka Toyoda

    General Manager, Development Department, Robotics Business Division, Hirata Corporation

    AMC Bridge possesses high software engineering technology, and they are able to respond faithfully to our detailed requests with excellent understanding and proper proposals. We believe that AMC Bridge can be a good partner for Japanese companies.

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Mark Driscoll
Mark Driscoll

Senior Director, Industrial & AEC Enterprise Sales


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