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Automating Drawing Creation Process

Automating the process of drawing creation is a critical step in improving efficiency of the engineering department. SOLIDWORKS does a good job in assisting users in the process of creating drawings of parts and assemblies, but it’s still a very time consuming and manual operation. AMC Bridge has helped Trans World Marketing in automating their process.


Customer: Trans World Marketing

SOLIDWORKS does a good job in assisting users in the process of creating drawings of parts and assemblies, but it’s still a very time consuming and, to a large extend, a manual operation.
Automating the process of drawing creation is one of the critical steps in improving efficiency of the engineering department and this is what Trans World Marketing (TWM) approached AMC Bridge with. Each company has its own best practice, in addition to industry adopted standards, when it comes to producing engineering documentation. TWM had a highly customized process of creating drawings, and they asked AMC Bridge to help in automating this process. The projected increase in productivity, as a result of introducing an add-in for SOLIDWORKS that would automate drawing creating as well as related innovations of the overall process, was estimated by TWM at 33%.
Based on the TWM’s specification, AMC Bridge has developed an add-in for SOLIDWORKS called “TWM Detailing” that creates drawings with required views and allows users to specify a general scheme for the detailing process. Some of the settings controlled by the add-in are:

  • Drawing Name
  • Drawing Template
  • Destination Folder
  • BOM Template in the case of an assembly drawing
  • Auto-dimension
  • Isometric View
  • TWMD_1_full
  • TWMD_2_full

The add-in allows specifying not only the options for detailing a top-level Assembly, but also defining the options for each component individually.
The drawing views are oriented according to a pre‐defined set of rules that adjust the layout and scale of the views depending on number of views, model type, etc.
The 'Select Component' tool, which is a part of the add-in, allows querying the components by specific criteria: model type (e.g., part, assembly), detail type (e.g., fastener, gear, etc.), and hierarchical level (e.g., top, sub‐assembly, etc.).

The specialized software, tailored specifically to TWM’s needs, significantly increased productivity of the engineers by reducing time spent on the creation of drawings. AMC Bridge assisted TWM with defining a precise automation plan and satisfied all TWM requirements on time, while remaining in close communication with the client at all stages of the development process. As a result, TWM decided to outsource another important project to AMC Bridge shortly after the completion of TWM Detailing.

Jul 27, 2010
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