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Cloud-based Collaboration for Engineering

"AMC’s team was instrumental in bringing Vuuch from a conceptual prototype to production-ready software that is now successfully used by Vuuch’s customers." Chris Williams, Vuuch CEO.


Vuuch is a social technology that shortens time‐to‐market by improving communication between different groups within an organization. Vuuch connects design teams and their deliverables naturally, using social technology and the tools the team already uses.

Vuuch is a start‐up run by executives who are passionate about the value that social technology and community can bring to product development teams. The founders realized that interaction between all people involved in a product development project was disconnected from the deliverables that define the product and that social technology could be applied to this problem to create a highly productive solution.

To develop the concept into a prototype and then bring it to production level software, Vuuch turned to AMC Bridge (AMC) as one of the leading experts in software development services for engineering.

AMC was chosen after careful consideration based on our experience in developing software products at various stages of the development cycle - from concept to maintenance of a released product, which allowed us to establish a well-functioning project development process along with very demanding development standards. Also, AMC was able to offer extensive knowledge and experience with a wide array of CAD applications and its APIs, as well as multiple Microsoft® Office® products that were planned to be used by Vuuch. And of course, our SaaS application experience played an important role in the decision making process.

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At the end of the engagement AMC enabled Vuuch to move from the initial concept and early prototype to a fully functional commercial product. In the words of Vuuch CEO Chris Williams, “AMC’s team was instrumental in bringing Vuuch from a conceptual prototype to production-ready software that is now successfully used by Vuuch’s customers. AMC’s in-depth experience with CAD applications allowed us to expand our product beyond the original objectives and, as a result, reach much wider audience of potential users. When market feedback called for a different direction and enhancements to the web infrastructure of the product, AMC was able to help as well. We are very pleased with the results of our cooperation with AMC and counting on their service in the future. ”

Dec 24, 2010
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