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CADPack Designer™ Case Study: Packsize™ and AMC Bridge Collaborate on Developing a State-of-the-Art Cloud Solution

Packsize is a global leader in the corrugated packaging industry, serving customers in 25 countries. They were searching for a partner they could trust to implement their concept – an application that quickly and securely visualizes, creates, and uploads custom box designs to a Packsize On Demand Packaging® machine. Known for its expertise and successful track record in applications development for Design and Manufacturing, AMC Bridge was selected for the project. The result of the successful collaboration is the CADPack Designer package, currently in production at Packsize.


    • Developed a cloud-based CAD application that enables users to create, edit, and adjust custom box design models, and then upload them to a Packsize On Demand Packaging machine.
    • Improved Packsize service quality and performance by substituting the Packsize desktop application with CADPack Designer, to let it match the capabilities of new machines.
    • Proven track record of creating 2D and 3D design applications for Engineering, Manufacturing, and Construction on the desktop, cloud, and mobile platforms.
    • Solid reputation as a Vendor of Choice in the industry, supported by recommendations from the former and current clients and recognition of independent organizations like Inc 5000, Software 500 and The Global Outsourcing 100® list.
    • Designed a highly specialized solution that meets the specific customer needs and requirements.
    • Boosted the productivity and performance of the application.
    • Launched the solution in production.


Packsize™ International LLC offers on-demand packaging solutions combining machinery, software, accessories, consumables, and services.

Сhief executive, operating, and financial officers, packaging engineers, and production managers employ the Packsize solutions in print marketing, e-commerce, manufacturing, packaging, furniture, and cabinetry industries in the United States and worldwide.

Packsize recognizes its role and responsibility in protecting and improving the environment for future generations and helps businesses solve their number one packaging problem — excessive packaging.

Having revolutionized this industry sector, Packsize now provides a service that allows users to create a box in any size and form and manufacture it using Packsize innovative machines.

Working with software that is incompatible with hardware is one of the quickest ways to destroy the user experience. The difficulty of finding acceptable software continues to compound the problems for businesses leading to the marketing losses.

Packsize has faced the increasingly complex problem of using the obsolete software, unsuited to the functionality of the new hardware. Apart from the production issues, insufficient functionality prevented the company from bringing new offers to the market and weakened its competitive advantage.

To deliver top services, Packsize wanted to redesign the existing application, enhance new features, and solve support issues. For this reason, they were looking for a company that has practical experience in engineering software development, to precisely collect and analyze their requirements and implement this technical solution on time. As a result of this search, AMC Bridge was entrusted with developing this application.

To overcome the challenges facing Packsize, AMC Bridge developed an intuitive and user-friendly cloud CAD application to design packages and produce them on Packsize machines.

Сloud technology eliminates costly and time-consuming maintenance and solves the delivery and support problems.

packsize pic 1

The CADPack Designer™ functionality enables users to:

  • Create, visualize, and upload custom box designs to a Packsize On Demand Packaging® machine. 
  • Create designs using both imperial and metric measurement systems.

  • Work in Single-user-edit mode.
  • Edit a box design with a built-in auto-adjust function.

  • Manage user accounts.
  • Edit multiple designs in parallel.

  • Set the preferable language for the application interface.

CADPack Designer uses claims-based authentication as the default authentication method and a security SSL certificate to protect sensitive information. The integrated user management system is used for creating new customers and adding users for these customers, building the hierarchy connection between the customers and users to ensure that only authenticated users are granted access to the specific section.

packsize pic 2

The solution enhances user experience with the Design Settings functionality, which allows the user to view and edit the current design by setting variable values for the length (L), width (W), height (H), fanfold width (FW), z-fold thickness (FT), and X-Ray ranging from X1-X20.

packsize pic 3

CADPack Designer requires neither installation nor product updates. The product functionality is immediately available to users.

To create the functional specification, the AMC Bridge expert team collected, defined, and analyzed the customer requirements.

This stage involved a series of workshops with the customer and stakeholders, a blueprint, a detailed estimation, milestone planning, discussion of risks and open issues, a proof of concept delivery, and a mock-up design approved by the Packsize stakeholders.

Upon completion of the requirements collection and technologies selection, the AMC Bridge team handled the development stage. CADPack Designer was enhanced with all required online CAD features, master database, the UI for master data administration based on PackNet UI, the concurrent user subscription model, and a superuser concept.

To boost the performance, the test suite guided the application through the successful accomplishment of stabilization and delivery stages.

To involve all stakeholders in the development process and receive feedback, regular meetings were scheduled throughout the development process.

With the release of CADPack Designer, Packsize and their customers admitted that the application considerably facilitates the custom box design process, helps avoid the risk of losses in production, matches the functionality of new hardware, and subsequently increases the profits of the Packsize company.

The success of the project was further emphasized by John Alpine, Global VP of R&D Product Development, at Packsize International, who pointed out, that “AMC Bridge team has delivered exactly on time with the exactly committed deliverables. This does not happen in software all that often. We at Packsize have all intentions of using AMC Bridge for the future software development projects at our company.”


Oct 07, 2019
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