What constraints are you dealing with in your AECO projects?

  • End-to-end construction efficiency Is your software ecosystem smart enough and tightly integrated to deliver predictable outcomes that meet all stakeholder needs?
  • Workflows and technologyAre you leveraging advanced technologies like AR/VR or Digital Twins to help improve your bottom line and client satisfaction? What other leading technologies will you need to integrate into your design and construction processes?
  • Material and product waste management Can you minimize waste and trace products right through the design and build process? Can you manage your suppliers’ data to ensure statutory compliance?

How would tailor-made software solutions
help you optimize costs, improve efficiency,
leverage Modern Methods of Construction
and new technology, and deliver useful
Digital Twins together with the asset?

How can we help?

AMC Bridge has over 20 years of history developing and delivering tailored solutions that help automate design, simulate and optimize engineering and construction stages, predict and measure material utilization, and plan facility operations and maintenance.

Seamless integration

With deep knowledge of BIM and data management applications, we deliver smart solutions that help clients utilize models from various digital design systems and applications to provide an efficient and accurate exchange of design and construction data

Digitalize your workflow and your business

AMC Bridge’s experience with robotics, generative design, AI, additive manufacturing, IoT, and other technologies will help you modernize your construction workflow

Optimize your construction and building design

Advanced topology optimization and simulation algorithms with the real-time interaction result in high-performing building projects, reducing raw material waste and meeting carbon reduction goals

Industry expertise

  • Autodesk® Revit®
  • Navisworks®
  • Autodesk® BIM 360®
  • AutoCAD®
  • Civil 3D®
  • Microstation®
  • SketchUp®
  • BricsCAD®
  • ZWCAD®
  • Fusion 360®
  • Autodesk Inventor®
  • CATIA®
  • Creo®
  • NX™
and more…

  • ProjectWise®
  • Autodesk® BIM 360®
  • Autodesk® Vault
  • ARAS®
  • Teamcenter®
  • Windchill®
  • SolidWorks Enterprise PDM™
  • 3D Repo®
  • iTwin® Platform
and others…

  • Autodesk Forge™
  • Trimble Connect™
  • SketchUp® 3D Warehouse
  • Dyndrite ADK
and others…

  • Parasolid®
  • D-Cubed™
  • ACIS™
  • CGM™
  • Open Cascade™
  • ODA® Drawings
  • ODA® Architecture
  • ODA® BimRv
  • ODA® BimNv
  • ODA® IFC
  • ODA® Visualize SDK
  • ODA® Open Cloud
  • HOOPS® Exchange
  • HOOPS® Communicator
  • HOOPS® Visualize
  • HOOPS® Publish
  • PCL
  • ModuleWorks®
  • MachineWorks®
  • JT™
  • Kineo®
  • Robotics Library
and others…

  • Modular Construction
  • Point Cloud Processing
  • Game Engines (Unity and Unreal)
  • AR/VR
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Twins
  • Image Recognition
  • 3D Visualization
  • 3D Printing
  • Generative Design
  • Robotics
  • Cloud Computing
  • IIoT
  • Mobile Apps
and others…

AMC Bridge is a partner of choice for
software development services in the areas
of BIM, construction data management,
computer-aided design and manufacturing,
offering high-quality software
development expertise empowered by
deep domain knowledge

Client success stories


Technology demonstrations


What clients say

Based on customer survey data, more than 90% of clients would recommend AMC Bridge

  • Michelle Rocholl

    Administrative Coordinator, Hospitality Operations, North America, Amadeus Hospitality

    AMC Bridge is wonderful to work with. Anytime I have questions or need anything, I can count on the account manager to get back to me right away. Also, the contractors that are working with us are very good!
  • Oleg Sheydvasser

    Software Architect, Autodesk Inc.

    AMC Bridge implemented an important functionality that has been asked for by many users for long time. It was a complex project with a lot of moving parts using multiple languages and technologies. The team showed proficiency in most technologies and gained knowledge in others as needed. I would be happy to work with you again.
  • Mike Cox

    Overtur BIM Strategist, Allegion plc

    The entire team with AMC Bridge is phenomenal. They work hard to understand the overall problem statement and help to provide ideas and recommendations for improvements.
  • Beth Crowell

    Product Strategist, Amadeus Hospitality

    Overall, the team is doing a wonderful job in these stressful times, thank you!
  • Ratnakar Sonthi

    Sr. Director (Software Solutions and Architecture, Chief Software Architect), Katerra Inc.

    The quality and competence of people from AMC Bridge is better than the other companies. 
  • Karen Mathews

    Product Owner, Amadeus Hospitality

    My team from AMC Bridge is outstanding! They do very thorough and conscientious work with an eye towards quality, performance, security, and stability. They are highly professional and often go above and beyond to get the job done. Many times I'd even describe them as fearless!
  • Gunjan Choudhary

    Senior Software Engineering Manager, Autodesk Inc.

    The AMC Bridge resources we have on our project have made big impact on incremental delivery of value to customers. They are greatly respected and appreciated by the development team members.
  • Jim Quanci

    Senior Director, Software Partner Development, Autodesk Inc.

    We are lucky to have a partner like AMC Bridge with both broad and deep skills with our technologies. It makes it easy to send folks looking for help your way. We know they will have a great experience.
  • Roger Rapp

    Director of Technology and Innovation, Autodesk Inc.

    It has indeed been a challenging and interesting project. And your team rose to the occasion on the tricky and unusual parts.
  • Tim Pelletier

    Chief Architect, Newmarket International, Inc.

    Our team of technical experts, together with the experts from the recently acquired MeetingMatrix, reviewed the results of the work done by AMC Bridge on developing a proof of concept for one of our strategic initiatives. This evaluation included the rating of the work done by the development team, as well as determination of the possibility of any future cooperation.We were very pleased with quality of the code, which was well organized, clean, and written in line with best practice. At the same time our experts were quite impressed with the pace of deliveries by the AMC Bridge team. Despite the fact that there was no priority given to reusability of the code while developing the proof of concept, it was determined that about 50% of the code from the prototype can be taken forward for building a commercial solution.Based on this evaluation, AMC Bridge was given an overall excellent rating and we are looking forward to continue our partnership.
  • Karen Mathews

    Product Owner, Amadeus Hospitality

    I'm constantly amazed by my team from AMC Bridge, and I know I'm not alone in this. Many folks have marveled at their work, with others saying, "Well, from great teams, you get great things!" I couldn't agree more! They're fantastic and up to any challenge!
  • Kitty Ma

    Sr. Manager, Software development, Autodesk Inc.

    It's a pleasure to work with AMC Bridge people.
  • Gunjan Choudhary

    Senior Software Engineering Manager, Autodesk Inc.

    It`s been a great experience working with AMC Bridge personnel. They were quick to ramp up and deliver.
  • Gunjan Choudhary

    Senior Software Engineering Manager, Autodesk Inc.

    Appreciate the prompt responses from AMC Bridge management. The personnel we hired were committed to project success.
  • Rebecca Quate

    Business Software Integration Manager, Allegion plc

    AMC Bridge has directly contributed to the success of our plugin. I continue to be impressed with the knowledge, creativity, and work ethic of this team.
  • Tarun Gupta

    Senior Software Development Manager, Autodesk Inc.

    The individuals from AMC Bridge come with a high work ethic, always keen on delivering high quality work. Our team has achieved a lot working with them, and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.
  • Karen Mathews

    Product Owner, Amadeus Hospitality

    I have come to trust my AMC Bridge team completely! They are hard working, very conscientious, and some very good people to boot!

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