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A Year in Review: AMC Bridge Announces 2022 Highlights

A Year in Review: AMC Bridge Announces 2022 Highlights

Waltham, MA - 

Wrapping up the year 2022, AMC Bridge, a global software development consultancy serving engineering, manufacturing, and construction industries, offers its year-end highlights. The global expansion, acknowledgment in international rankings and listings, and establishing one of the highly anticipated business events are the top achievements determining the vector of the company’s growth in 2022.

2022 has become a year of challenges that made businesses evolve rapidly to achieve sustainability and resilience.

Global initiatives

On the way to sustainable and inclusive growth, moving towards scaling the company and diversifying the team in new geographies remained strategic for AMC Bridge. The company announced an expansion of its operations in India and Uzbekistan and opened an office in Wroclaw, Poland.


For the third consecutive year, AMC Bridge was recognized as one of the Americas’ fastest-growing companies according to the Financial Times® ranking.

BuildWorlds included AMC Bridge CEO Michael Ludensky in its 2022 Mavericks 50 list as one of the top industry technologists due to his leadership contribution to continued AMC Bridge’s progress in developing software solutions for the construction industry clients.

AMC Bridge’s technology demonstration ViewER™ was recognized as the best for rapidly viewing 3D architectural models listed among Best Apps for Architects.


Owing to its unique and practical experience in the latest 3D design and manufacturing technologies, AMC Bridge partnered with Dyndrite, a provider of the GPU-accelerated computation engine for creating next-generation digital manufacturing hardware and software. The company has become the first chosen third-party developer of Dyndrite’s Application Developer Kit.

Industry events

An executive webinar series of expert panel discussions organized by AMC Bridge gained significant popularity in the AEC community. In 2022, the panelists from industry-leading organizations—Autodesk, Ansys, Epic Games, Ericsson, Tech-Clarity, Tech Soft 3D, Unity, and so on—assembled several times to elaborate on the following topics:

  • The Role of Simulation Technology in Digital Twins
  • Game Engines and Digital Twins. Let’s Play
  • Path to Digital Twins—Hype vs. Reality

Useful resources

The extensive experience in applying emerging technologies and specific domain knowledge helped AMC Bridge develop compelling solutions that fully met clients’ requirements and contributed to the growth and advancement of their businesses. The success stories of delivered projects were described in the following AMC Bridge case studies:

  • Advancements to Client’s Real-Time Generative Design Technology: AMC Bridge Releases a New Case Study
  • First-of-Its-Kind Sinter-Based Simulation Technology Implementation: A New Case Study from AMC Bridge
  • Code Enhancements to Client’s Robotic Systems: AMC Bridge Presents a New Case Study
  • Expanding Integration Capabilities to Navisworks and Revit: AMC Bridge Publishes a New Case Study
  • Increasing Efficiency and Improving Productivity of Manufacturing Cost Estimation: AMC Bridge Publishes a New Case Study

“Despite the barriers caused by global events and challenging market demands, we continued demonstrating stable operational performance and providing high-quality services to our clients. Those were key factors that allowed us to create new expansion opportunities, strengthen our positions on the existing accounts, and ensure sustainable business growth in 2022,” remarked Igor Tsinman, President of AMC Bridge.

The infographic showing the AMC Bridge 2022 Highlights is available at the link.

About AMC Bridge

AMC Bridge is a global software development consultancy serving engineering, manufacturing, and construction industries. Since 1999, we have enabled digital transformation for our clients by creating custom software solutions that eliminate data silos, connect complex applications, unlock internal innovation, and democratize cutting-edge technologies. AMC Bridge’s software development experts use extensive experience with APIs of the majority of engineering software solutions and platforms, as well as in-depth knowledge of computational geometry, 3D visualization, and other advanced technologies to solve our clients’ critical business needs. 

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Jan 09, 2023
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