Technology demonstration

Investigation and prototyping of the potential usage of Mobile devices and Virtual reality in AEC applications is an important part of AMC Bridge research program. The latest example of it is the new features implemented in VR-Architecture for Android

The new capabilities include a technology demonstration of transformation of a hand-drawn floor plan into a 3D model, as well as an option to view the resulting model using Google Cardboard™ or VR glasses. While transforming floor plan into a model, the application demonstrates the ability to recognize not only doors, windows and walls, but also interior elements.

Short video illustrates major new features presented in the current version.

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AMC Bridge is a vendor of choice for software development services in the areas of computer-aided design, engineering, manufacturing and construction. Since 1999, we have been delivering solutions for CAD, CAE, CAM, PDM, BIM and PLM applications. We have participated in the development of commercial software products and custom solutions for the engineering markets based on a variety of platforms, from desktop and web to mobile and cloud.

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