As a Forge System Integrator, AMC Bridge conducts numerous researches on capabilities that this platform opens for its users. Delving into the most popular and promising technologies, the company examined solar batteries placement and planning issues. After analyzing use cases, AMC Bridge created Solar Farm Planner, a technology demonstration application that presents basic features for laying out a solar farm on an area of arbitrary profile selected on Google® Maps.

The application is integrated with Autodesk® BIM 360® through Forge™ platform, which in turn allows users to collaborate on projects in real time. 

Solar Farm Planner supports the following functions:

  • Authorization with the Autodesk account;
  • Map manipulation and further placement of a rectangular or polygon-shaped area containing solar panels at the selected location;
  • Panel rotation and tilt;
  • Saving a 3D mock-up of the positioned solar farm to BIM 360 Docs, which can be displayed with Autodesk Forge Viewer;
  • Performing various calculations (total number of panels, total weight, total kWh, and so on).

Please see the short video demonstration below:

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Solar Farm Planner
Release date
03 June 2019
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