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Akeneo Product Assistant for Autodesk® Vault® 2020 is a technology demonstration of connecting Autodesk Vault Professional 2020 with Akeneo Community Edition. 

It enables users to create, update, or edit the product information in the Akeneo PIM system using the Autodesk Vault properties as attributes easier than ever before.

Akeneo Product Assistant for Autodesk Vault 2020 demonstrates an ability to:

  • Connect to the Akeneo server.
  • Select the files from the Vault Client for the creation of the products.
  • Map the configuration between the Vault properties and Akeneo attributes.
  • Provide users with the file processing results.
  • Set the Product image from Vault as the thumbnail or preview image.
  • Manage files with reverse synchronization.
  • Export the whole folder from Autodesk Vault to Akeneo.


  • Autodesk Vault Professional 2020.
  • Akeneo Community Edition.

For more details, refer to the Akeneo Product Assistant for Autodesk® Vault® User Guide.

To see Akeneo Product Assistant for Autodesk Vault 2020 in action, watch a short demo video below.

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Akeneo Product Assistant for Autodesk® Vault® 2020
Release date
7 October 2019
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