Service Request Registration System (SRRS) is Aras Innovator® 10.0 based system that allows Technical support personnel to register and manage service requests coming from customers.

SRRS provides capabilities to:

  • Download incoming emails directly from POP3 server and add them to Aras Innovator repository;
  • Create and maintain Service Requests;
  • Handle emails with attached emails;
  • Collect information about each request (incoming letter) together with the information about customer;
  • Support files provided by a customer;
  • Track activity related to each request such as:
    • replies from Technical Support;
    • feedback from a customer;
    • documents provided by Technical Support;
    • links to Technical Support Knowledge Base solutions, known bugs and related Service Request;
  • srrs
Figure 1. SRRS processing of customer service requests. (click on the image to view it in full size)

SRRS can only be installed on the top of Aras Innovator 10.0.
Please contact AMC Bridge to customize systems for the customer’s specific needs. The video below demonstrates default functions of the current version of SRRS:

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