SketchUp-Collab™ is a technology demonstration of bi-directional data exchange between SketchUp® and Autodesk® A360.

AMC Bridge has extensive expertise in creating CAD interoperability workflows and is continually conducting research on connecting various engineering software tools. Exploring seamless integration of different systems, AMC Bridge created a technology demonstration of direct access to Autodesk A360 from SketchUp within a single environment.

SketchUp-Collab demonstrates how to manage documents in A360, including storing, registering, and retrieving directly from SketchUp. Also, it is possible to store Resource Settings and Property Mappings for SketchUp in A360.

The main features are:

  • Sign in/out A360 using SketchUp
  • Create a project in A360 using SketchUp
  • Upload a file from SketchUp to A360
  • Store a SketchUp file in A360
  • Retrieve a file from A360 into SketchUp
  • Register Document Hierarchy in A360

Please see the short video demonstration below:

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