The DXF/DWG file format is often used as an exchange format between CAD systems. The geometry obtained as a result of exporting from different CAD packages to DXF/DWG often contains broken geometry constraints (i.e., tangent, horizontal, vertical constraints, gaps between points, or overlapping entities). Broken constraints create problems in modeling and manufacturing processes, but it is very difficult to identify all problematic areas manually.

 Reasons why geometric relations can be violated during data translation include, among others:

  • Varying precision levels in different CAD systems
  • Import/Export tools that have different geometry processing rules

Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2015 has Parametric Drawing tools. Parametric drawing is a technology that is used for designing with constrained objects. Constrained objects are associations and restrictions that are applied to 2D geometric objects. Usage of Parametric Constraints could help ensure accuracy of the original design as well as simplify subsequent design modifications.

The Drawing Diagnostics inspects drawings for violated constraints, and offers engineers the capability to quickly identify problematic areas and propose solutions. It also demonstrates capabilities for suggesting and creating new constraints for the entities that were not originally constrained.

Supported Constraints and Geometric Relations:

  • Horizontal/Vertical
  • Parallel/Perpendicular
  • Coincident
    • End Points
    • Mid-Point
  • Concentric
  • Tangency
  • Overlapping

Key features:

  • High scalability, utilizing all available computational resources during inspection;
  • Ability to select geometry to be inspected: single entity, active sheet or entire drawing;
  • Ability to select both constraint types to be analyzed and tolerance ranges;
  • Built-in intelligence to suggested solutions for broken constraints;
  • Selection and zoom-in to problem areas;
  • Preview of fixes for broken constraints;
  • Ability to view and manage the progress of running tasks;
  • Ability to apply new inferred constraint.


Drawing Diagnostics
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