Dynamo Wi-Fi Planner for Autodesk® AutoCAD® is a Dynamo® based technology to demonstrate modeling of Wi-Fi coverage inside of a building using AutoCAD drawings of that building.

Dynamo WiFi Planner demonstrates how the basic AutoCAD functionality could be extended to allow geometry export from AutoCAD to Dynamo, perform mathematical computation of Wi-Fi distribution in Dynamo and graphically represent results, delivering them back into AutoCAD.
The solution shows the following capabilities:

  • Exporting of a building plan from AutoCAD to Dynamo
  • Computation of Wi-Fi distribution
  • Varying number of Wi-Fi colored zones and their colors in Dynamo
  • Graphical representation of results in both Dynamo and AutoCAD

The video below shows basic demonstrated functionality:

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Dynamo Wi-Fi Planner for Autodesk® AutoCAD®
Release date
22 September 2015
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