MeshToPdf™ is a standalone application for converting mesh format STL, PLY, 3DS or OBJ files to PDF.

Reconstruction of real-world objects has become a popular area for research and development, as a result of the evolution of sensors combined with improved PC performance. Products that enable the collection of 3D scan data from Microsoft Kinect sensor commonly output scan results as STL, PLY 3DS, or OBJ files. However, in many cases the 3D PDF format is more suitable for visualization, collaboration, data exchange, and the archiving and retrieval of engineering data. MeshToPdf converts data from the popular mesh and point cloud formats into a PDF file with an embedded U3D container. This enables users to share 3D scanning results easily and effectively.

Key features include:

  • Conversion of mesh geometry from file formats such as STL, PLY, 3DS, OBJ
  • Batch files processing

Please note that you need Microsoft Kinect for Windows sensor to use MeshToPdf.

View a video demonstration of the software below.

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