SOLIDWORKS®–Onshape Translator is a technology demonstration of describing the feature-by-feature translation of a 3D model between SOLIDWORKS and Onshape.

The technology demonstration lets you collect information about a few SOLIDWORKS features, generate a FeatureScript file, and transmit features data from SOLIDWORKS to Onshape, as well as from Onshape to SOLIDWORKS, by using Onshape REST API.

The main features of SOLIDWORKS–Onshape Translator are:

  • Processing of assemblies to export/import each part of assembly to the destination system
  • Gathering transformation matrices of parts in the source system
  • Creating a new assembly document in the source system
  • Placing parts to the assembly and applying transformation matrices


  • SOLIDWORKS 2016-2018
  • Onshape account

To see SOLIDWORKS–Onshape Translator in action, watch the demo video below:

SOLIDWORKS®–Onshape Translator
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