VR-Architecture™ is a technology demonstration of creating a 3D model of a single floor or a whole building on an Android™ device using floor plan images or hand-drawn sketches.

It demonstrates an implementation of an algorithm that accepts image files of floor plans either saved to storage or taken with an Android device camera from a hand-drawn sketch or a printed picture and converts them into a 3D model of a specific floor or a high-rise building. The user can open the resulting DWG file in ViewER or ViewER-VR™ to see the 3D representation of a corresponding model.

VR-Architecture demonstrates the following features:

  • Loading multiple floor plans from storage.
  • Recognizing a floor plan from the selected images and building their 2D models.
  • Identifying doors, windows, walls, and furniture.
  • Adjusting parameters for true-to-life recognition.
  • Building a 3D model and saving it in a DWG file.
  • Viewing the resulting models in ViewER or ViewER-VR.
  • Viewing the resulting model in AR mode.
  • Saving the generated models to SD card, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

To see VR-Architecture in action, watch the demo video below.

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Release date
6 December 2019
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