AsBuilt Plus is a technology demonstration of comparing CAD model prototypes with point clouds of the manufactured parts to establish and analyze deviations between the designed and produced parts. The technology demonstration is developed for the Autodesk Inventor® CAD software to interact with the Unreal Engine® real-time 3D creation tool.

The technology demonstration lets users:

  • Load mesh and point cloud files
  • Fly around the loaded data
  • Compare a point cloud with a mesh
  • Compare several point clouds
  • Generate a comparison report in PDF format
  • Colorize a point cloud based on the discovered deviation from a mesh or another point cloud
  • Calculate comparison statistics (minimum, maximum, and average deviation; Hausdorff distance)


  • Autodesk Inventor® 2021 or higher

Watch a short demo video below to see the AsBuilt Plus technology demonstration in action.

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