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PLM ERP Integration is a technology demonstration of bidirectional data exchange between the PTC Windchill® PLM solution with the Microsoft Dynamics™ ERP software via the PTC ThingWorx® IoT platform.

You can easily manage your Part BOM structures between the scopes of engineering, manufacturing, and sourcing.

Select an assembly or single part in Windchill and send its data to ThingWorx, that will retrieve from Dynamics commercial data about each BOM part: suppliers, prices, due dates, etc. Analyzing the retrieved data, approve the part for a supplier of your decision. ThingWorx sends data on the approved parts to Windchill and on the selected suppliers to Dynamics. These parts have their lifecycle states updated in Windchill. And corresponding orders to these suppliers are created in Dynamics.

Go to the video demonstration to see our PLM ERP Integration in action.

If you are interested in developing similar technology for your organization, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

PLM ERP Integration
Contact us to discuss the possibilities of developing similar technology for your organization
If any of the technologies or its applications that you found on the AMC Labs pages sparked your interest and you would like to discuss the possibilities of customizing or developing it for your company, then we will be happy to hear from you. Please, contact us. Contact