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Robotics simulator with AWS RoboMaker is a technology demonstration of simulating the robot motion along the created workspace using the AWS RoboMaker™ cloud solution.

The technology demonstration lets users:

  • Create robot and world models in the Autodesk Inventor® software
  • Export the models in the STL format
  • Make robot and simulation builds
  • Upload builds to Amazon S3
  • Create robot and simulation applications
  • Run the simulation and check the performance


  • Inventor 2021
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
  • AWS RoboMaker account
  • Python 3.7 +
  • ROS Melodic Morenia
  • Gazebo 1.9 +

To see Robotics simulator with AWS RoboMaker in action, watch a short demo video below.

Robotics Simulator with AWS RoboMaker
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