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Following the global trend of engineering software applications adopting cloud technologies, AMC Bridge continues researching possibilities of cloud-based custom development for various engineering solutions. 

Shaft Component Generator for Onshape® is one of those research projects, that automates the creation of shafts by configuring shaft sections and additional design elements, such as chamfers, fillets, grooves, etc. 

This proof of concept demonstrates the following capabilities:

  • Designing and inserting shafts with the unlimited number of sections (cylinders, cones, polygons) and features (fillets, chamfers);
  • Designing hollow shafts;Inserting features (chamfers, fillets, threads) into the inner bores;
  • Splitting shaft cylinder and retaining the length of the shaft section.

After configuring all settings, the shaft is built in the Onshape Part document as a 3D model.

For the technology demonstration, watch the short video on YouTube:

Shaft Component Generator for Onshape®
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