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AMC Bridge is known for its extensive experience in creating CAD/PLM interoperability workflows. To continuously expand its expertise, the company conducts regular research on connections between various modeling and data management systems.

Aras Connector for Fusion 360™ is a technology demonstration of establishing connection between Autodesk® Fusion 360™, an online CAD system, and Aras Innovator® PLM platform. 

This project is aimed to illustrate how CAD models created in Fusion 360 can participate in a Change Management process defined in Aras Innovator. 

Aras Connector showcases the following features:

  • Register a Fusion 360 document or a document hierarchy into Aras Innovator PLM system
  • Send a model for review
  • Retrieve the review result
  • Resend the model for review after updating.

The video demonstration below showcases how the technology can be used:


Aras Connector for Fusion 360™
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