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BricsCAD® Vault® Integration is a technology demonstration of exchanging data between BricsCAD and Autodesk® Vault.

Designed to manage the lifecycle of CAD files in Autodesk Vault with BricsCAD, the technology demonstration lets users:

  • Log in to Autodesk Vault from BricsCAD.
  • Save a BricsCAD model using Autodesk Vault.
  • Open a BricsCAD model from Autodesk Vault.
  • Manage file references as XREFs and attachments:
    • Save the main model with file references to Vault.
    • Open/update the main model with file references from Vault.
    • Update a reference of the main model stored in Vault.

To see BricsCAD Vault Integration in action, watch the demo video below. 

BricsCAD® Vault® Integration
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