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Civil@Windchill Adapter is a technology demonstration for connecting Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D and PTC® Windchill®.

Integrations between modeling and data management software, which offer expanded collaboration opportunities for remote engineering teams, receive more and more attention these days.

AMC Bridge has extensive expertise in creating CAD/PLM interoperability workflows, and is constantly conducting research on connecting various engineering software tools. Exploring seamless integration of BIM and PLM systems, AMC Bridge created a technology demonstration for connecting Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D and PTC Windchill and managing design data within a single environment.

It provides the following options:

  • Create new CAD document, open it from Windchill as well as save it to Workspace;
  • Perform key PTC Windchill operations, such as Revise, Auto/Custom Check-In and Check-Out, directly from the Civil 3D environment;
  • Manage tasks using Workgroup Manager and Server Manager.

Please see the short video demonstration below:

Civil@Windchill Adapter
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