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PLM360-for-SW™ is a technology demonstration of an add-in for SOLIDWORKS® to enable the exchange of model information between SOLIDWORKS users and the cloud-based Autodesk® PLM 360 system. 

 Features include the ability to:

  • Connect to PLM 360;
  • Create items in the Items and BOMs workspace directly from SOLIDWORKS;
  • Extract BOM structure from an assembly hierarchy and add it to PLM 360;
  • Save item details;
  • Save a preview of model parts to the item details;
  • Browse through PLM 360 items in SOLIDWORKS;
  • Download model data from PLM 360 in a SOLIDWORKS session;
  • Transfer changes to the model data in PLM 360;
  • Support multi-user mode;
  • Control for user permissions.

The add-in works in three modes:

  • Assembly mode – Model displays as an assembly when opened;
  • Part mode – Model displays a single part when opened;
  • Connected part mode – Model displays as part of a saved assembly.

Please see a short video demonstration of PLM360-for-SW below:

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