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SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Diagnostics is a standalone application for the monitoring and troubleshooting of a SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM installation using flexible widgets.

EPDM Diagnostics widgets include:

  • Analyze Logs – Analyzes SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM common log files for potential problems and searches the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base for similar known issues.
  • Hardware Check – Checks the current hardware configuration and operating system for compliance with SOLIDWORKS system requirements for the following roles:
    • SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Client (CAD Editor)
    • SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Contributor/Contributor Web and PDM Viewer
    • SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Archive Server
    • SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Database Server
  • Server Connectivity – Checks accessibility and network connection with SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM archive and database servers. These checks can be performed for every vault local view available on the current computer.
  • Custom Tools – Facilitates the use of other SOLIDWORKS Enterprise external applications, scripts and utilities.

View a video demonstration of the software below.

SolidWorks EPDM Diagnostics
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