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Aras to MATLAB® Connector is a technology demonstration of establishing a bidirectional connection between the MATLAB software and Aras® Innovator® platform. It enables users to run simulations on a CAD model in the MATLAB environment, save the resulting data to the Aras Innovator platform, and rerun the simulation if the CAD model was updated.

With Aras to MATLAB Connector, users can:

  • Create an Aras item with a MATLAB document
  • Run a simulation in MATLAB
  • Save the simulation results to an Aras item
  • View the simulation results in Aras Innovator
  • Rerun the simulation for the updated CAD model


  • Aras Innovator
  • MATLAB R2020a

Watch a short demo video below to see the current functionality of the Aras to MATLAB Connector technology demonstration.

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Aras to MATLAB® Connector
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