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Havok@SketchUp™ is a proof of concept add-in that extends the functionality of SketchUp® - a Trimble® Buildings solution, by allowing export of 3D model geometry from SketchUp to Havok® physics engine for real-time simulation of dynamics of rigid bodies, including collision detection, with walk-through/fly-through within the 3D model environment designed in SketchUp.

The add-in features the following functions:

  • Import of 3D model geometry with materials and textures from SketchUp;
  • Moving around and inside of 3D models as in a first person 3D game environment.
  • Flying around the 3D models;
  • Video recording;
  • Adding text labels to the locations of interest with the further ability to export them into SketchUp;
  • Adjusting light source settings.
  • Gesture-based control with Intel® RealSense™ camera.

The video demonstrations below show basic add-in functionalities in various modes:


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