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Revit® to Kineo™ is a technology demonstration for Autodesk® Revit® of using the Siemens Kineo™ software to compute paths available for moving an object within a building model. It helps you visualize the movement of the object along the computed path in a 3D animation.

Revit to Kineo lets you:

  • Select an object to move.
  • Select obstacles to bypass.
  • Set the parameters of the model and the obstacles.
  • Set up the start and end points of the path.
  • Compute the path.
  • Modify or smoothen the resulting path to achieve the optimal length.
  • Export the path to Revit for animation.
  • Play or reset the animation, step it backward or forward in Revit.


  • Windows operating system.
  • Autodesk Revit. 
  • A standalone Kineo license.

Watch a short demo video below to see what Revit to Kineo can do today.

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Revit® to Kineo™
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