Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) is one of the primary industries that AMC Bridge serves, therefore investigation of the integrated solutions using geospatial and BIM data is among the most important directions of the company’s research activities.

Based on the high interest of users in CADtoEarth™ and research on integrated solutions for modeling urban environments, AMC Bridge developed GeoToCAD™.

GeoToCAD is a technology demonstration of establishing a bidirectional connection between a geospatial ArcGIS® platform and CAD environment.

The solution offers the features that enable the user to:

  • Connect to ArcGIS.
  • Export a 3D model to ArcGIS.
  • Import a selected area of the Earth surface from ArcGIS.
  • Place a model on the selected surface and then preview this model on the ArcGIS map.
  • Save a model placed on the surface as a 3D PDF file.

The GeoToCAD technology is implemented for the following CAD platforms:

  • Autodesk® Revit®
  • Autodesk® Civil 3D®

The demo videos below show what GeoToCAD can do today.

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