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LuxViewer™ demonstrates a solution for viewing and editing the rendering results obtained from LuxRender rendering engine. 

LuxRender viewer illustrates a wide range of capabilities, including an ability to:

  • Synchronize via Dropbox, Google Drive™, iCloud® (iPad only) with the rendering results storage;
  • Load models and saved custom settings from SD card (Android only);
  • Edit temporary or complete rendering results wherever the iPad or Android device is used;
  • Use a palette of modifiers to change lightning and coloring option of a designed space;
  • Save custom settings of coloring options and apply it to another model later;
  • Pick up a part of the rendering result by brush to demonstrate it;
  • Undo or redo the changes (iPad only);
  • Send preview of the work result via email.

The video demonstrations below show basic functionalities:


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