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Photos-to-3D Converter is a technology demonstration integrated with the Autodesk Forge™ platform to generate a 3D model from a collection of photos captured on a smartphone.

Interacting with the Autodesk Forge™ Reality Capture API, the technology demonstration processes digital images into high-resolution textured meshes, provides information on 3D model parameters, and stores them in A360™.

With Photos-to-3D Converter, users can:

  • Create a photoscene
  • Upload the selected JPEG images from the gallery to the photoscene
  • Track the processing status
  • Review the resulting 3D model
  • View the detailed information about the 3D model
  • Share the 3D model via available applications


  • Android 9 or higher
  • iOS 13 or higher

To see Photos-to-3D Converter in action, watch a short demo video below.

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Photos-to-3D Converter
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