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ViewER™ is a technology demonstration Android™ application for rendering 3D models in openNURBS (3DM), Wavefront (OBJ), 3D Systems (STL), Stanford Triangle Format (PLY) and Autodesk Inc. (3DS, DXF, DWF) formats.

ViewER application has an option to superimpose rendering of CAD models over the real time video feed from the camera that provides an augmented reality effect by combining digital 3D models and real objects in a single viewing environment.

ViewER allows configuring of local paths to model storage locations (the default path is a root SD Card), including cloud shared locations such as Dropbox™, although the most optimal performance is with models stored locally on an Android device.

ViewER offers model caching to optimize the loading time.

The application allows capturing an image on the screen at any moment and sharing the screenshot with colleagues or friends.

ViewER 6.0 adds support of floor plans recognition. User can upload a picture of a ready floor plan or to transform a hand-drawn plan into a 3D model which is saved in DWG format and could be further opened and modified in Autodesk® AutoCAD® or another 3D editor.

By adding Hologram View Mode, ViewER 7.0 enables users to view CAD model as a 3D hologram with a 3D projection pyramid. It could be easily made from a transparent plastic using a simple sketch.

  • Pyramid_Sketch_for_ViewER_Hologram
Figure 1. Sketch of 3D projection pyramid. (click on the image to view it in full size)

For more details refer ViewER User's Guide.

Video demonstrations below show the main technology features:


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