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AddInUI.Works is a set of user interface control libraries designed to enable developers of SOLIDWORKS® add-ins to enhance the graphical user interface of their applications.

It features user interface controls that look and behave like native SOLIDWORKS user interface controls:

  • auiwToolBar – toolbar that can be used in custom tabs of task pane
  • auiwGroupBox – container for the group of controls
  • auiwTabControl – another container for the group of controls
  • auiwMessage – control for providing of information to users
  • auiwSelectionBox – control for working with selections made in SOLIDWORKS
  • auiwToggleButton – control that represents toggle button
  • auiwNumberBox – control for entering of numbers that supports edit, slider and wheel appearances
  • auiwInternetLink – control that represents internet link
  • auiwPictureControl – control that can show images in multiple formats

AddInUI.Works provides unmanaged C++ as well as .NET libraries that can be used in projects developed in Microsoft Visual Studio®.

AddInUI.Works from AMC Bridge Inc. is a free software package. It is copyrighted but not trademarked, and can be included in commercial packages. We only ask that proper credit be given to the authors.

View a video demonstration of the software below.

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