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Years of experience with SOLIDWORKS® Add-In applications development convinced us that automating the process would significantly boost our productivity.

This is the reason we developed AID.Works™, a cutting-edge solution for SOLIDWORKS Add-In developers.

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What it Does
The software, supported by MS Visual Studio, is comprised of two main features:

1. An easy-to-use project creation wizard that helps build basic infrastructure for any SOLIDWORKS add-in. The wizard also allows users to specify different interfaces available in SOLIDWORKS API. For the user’s convenience it automatically generates a skeleton of the code, whether you are building a C++ or a C# application.

2. The ability to integrate new SOLIDWORKS API interfaces with an already developed add-in. A skeleton code is automatically generated once modifications are complete.

To measure the effectiveness of AID.Works, we tested it on our own work. The discovery was stunning: AID.Works cut the time spent on the initial stages of our add-in development process by up to 80%! We are happy to share AID.Works with you for FREE.

Why it is better than other market alternatives
SOLIDWORKS offers a similar product to its users, but our solution alternative is better. Its advantages include:

  • the capability to edit an already existing project,
  • Added support for Mouse Events, Undo Controller Events, Task Pane Events, Menu and Toolbar, Property Page and Task Pane Control creation
  • Multi-language capabilities

Video Demo
View a video demonstration of the software below.

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