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Exa Corporation has engaged AMC Bridge as an expert resource in developing our cloud applications to accelerate the delivery of the first release of our ExaCLOUD offering. 
AMC Bridge developers consistently exceeded our expectations by making high quality code deliveries ahead of our schedules. The AMC Bridge team’s enthusiasm for technology and readiness to innovate “on the spot” allowed the product team to add more features to the initial release as well as improve the product’s performance and usability.

We are excited to continue our cooperation with AMC Bridge in our product development efforts.

Steve Remondi,
President and CEO, Exa Corporation
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AMC Bridge was instrumental in delivering the latest releases of one of our key products. Over a very short period of time the team was able to not only understand the existing code base but also to significantly enhance it. We especially appreciate the level of expertise of the developers at AMC Bridge, their ability to rise to the challenge and enthusiasm for our technology. Exa is very happy with the results of our cooperation and we plan to continue it in the future.

James Hoch,
Senior Vice President, Software Development, Exa Corporation
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I want to thank … all the staff at AMC Bridge for making this project a success! I have been very impressed with AMC Bridge’s high level of detail and professionalism. I look forward to working with AMC Bridge on future projects.

Matt Bruns,
Technical Manager, JETCAM International
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We are very pleased with the way this project has gone, and the professionalism shown by the team. We may, in the future, be interested in further enhancements, or even a totally different project.

Michael Payne,
Chief Executive Officer, Kenesto Corp.
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Our team of technical experts, together with the experts from the recently acquired MeetingMatrix, reviewed the results of the work done by AMC Bridge on developing a proof of concept for one of our strategic initiatives. This evaluation included the rating of the work done by the development team, as well as determination of the possibility of any future cooperation.
We were very pleased with quality of the code, which was well organized, clean, and written in line with best practice. At the same time our experts were quite impressed with the pace of deliveries by the AMC Bridge team. Despite the fact that there was no priority given to reusability of the code while developing the proof of concept, it was determined that about 50% of the code from the prototype can be taken forward for building a commercial solution.
Based on this evaluation, AMC Bridge was given an overall excellent rating and we are looking forward to continue our partnership.

Tim Pelletier,
Chief Architect, Newmarket International, Inc.
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…AMC Bridge has provided all what was required and we are satisfied with the developed Proof Of Concept. Thank you very much for your friendly and professional behavior during the whole project. 

David Bourdages,
Product Manager, OPEN MIND Technologies AG