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Absolutely the best consulting experience I’ve ever had (in a long career). Tasks were done at the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. I always had the feeling that the AMC Bridge team really cared about our project. I look forward to working with AMC Bridge again.

Jeff Williams,
Founder/Chief-Engineer, Williams Robotics, INC
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The AMC Bridge team working with Amadeus Hospitality on our Diagrams solutions have been consistently delivering high quality software even through difficult world events. They've been amazing and inspiring!

Jeff Duquette,
Director,, Amadeus Hospitality
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Every member of the AMC Bridge team that I have worked with demonstrated their commitment to quality, service, and support. The team has gone out of their way to support us, come up with solid app architectures and complete projects and tasks on time or early. Also, they are consistently motivated to do excellent work and follow through on commitments.

Isaac Puder,
Software Engineering Manager of Cloud & 3D Print Applications, MakerBot Industries, LLC
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AMC Bridge has been consistently flexible and capable of addressing our emerging business needs.

Qingxiang Niu,
Sr. Director of Engineering, Autodesk Inc.
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AMC Bridge staff and management show competence beyond software development per se as they are also able to assist with finding an optimal approach to the problem.

Dmitri Rusakov,
Professor, University College London
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AMC Bridge is wonderful to work with. Anytime I have questions or need anything, I can count on the account manager to get back to me right away. Also, the contractors that are working with us are very good!

Michelle Rocholl,
Administrative Coordinator, Hospitality Operations, North America, Amadeus Hospitality