AMC Bridge Executives Meet with the Management of Chernivtsi National University to Improve Collaboration

AMC Bridge Executives Meet with the Management of Chernivtsi National University to Improve Collaboration

Waltham, MA - 

Under the partnership agreement signed back in 2017, AMC Bridge and Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University have been successfully implementing initiatives and joint educational projects, mainly the specialized courses for the students of the Mathematics and Informatics Department conducted by the AMC Bridge Engineering Programming Center functioning at Chernivtsi National University.

Early this year, Igor Tsinman, President of AMC Bridge, and Vadym Synakh, AMC Bridge COO, have visited the University and met with First Vice-Rector, Professor Roman Petryshyn, and Dean of Mathematics and Informatics Department, Professor Igor Cherevko. The main topic of the meeting was the adoption by the University of the new educational course designed by AMC Bridge technical staff. The course introduces students to the applications of Computational Geometry methods to the creation of modern 3D Computer Graphics systems. It was agreed to start preparation for the introduction of such course in the University’s department of Mathematics and Informatics, starting in September of 2019.

“Fast-changing information technology landscape requires constant upgrades to the educational curriculum of Computer Science and Software Engineering programs. AMC Bridge partnerships with Ukrainian institutions of higher education represent our company’s strong commitment to help these institutions to fulfill their mission of preparing future graduates for the challenges they will face when joining the industry,” says Igor Tsinman, President of AMC Bridge.

About AMC Bridge

AMC Bridge is a vendor of choice for software development services in the areas of computer-aided design, engineering, manufacturing and construction. Since 1999, we have been delivering solutions for CAD, CAE, CAM, PDM, BIM and PLM applications. For almost 20 years, we have participated in the development of commercial software products and custom solutions for the engineering markets based on a variety of platforms, from desktop and web to mobile and cloud.

Apr 17, 2019
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