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The Role of Simulation Technology in Digital Twins

The Role of Simulation Technology in Digital Twins

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The latest webinar hosted by AMC Bridge saw a panel of experts explore the role of some simulation technology in the accurate modelling of products, systems and processes.

The latest AMC Bridge executive series of webinars, held in April, brought together a panel of industry experts from SimScale, Epic Games, BuiltWorlds, GE Additive, Donaldson, and AMC Bridge to discuss the essential role of simulation technologies in accurate modelling within the digital twin.

It is clear that businesses can reap a great deal of benefits from the successful implementation of digital twins. Those benefits include improved product development processes, greater insight into the performance of systems or buildings, comparisons of “as-designed” versus “as-built” conditions of a product or building, and so many more.

Using simulation in conjunction with a digital twin can help improve innovation in ways like validating design decisions, saving time in development through better validation and improving products through optimisation. But they can also help in the operational phases of products, equipment, systems, buildings or other assets.

The panellists agreed that the value of digital twins is well established, and the role simulation can play in increasing that value is significant. It is clear that when a company decides to implement digital twins, they must first establish their business objectives and then must determine how to proceed.

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Jun 09, 2022
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