Web Point Cloud Viewer is a POC application for viewing point clouds that enables user to upload, store and preview point cloud data. Using Autodesk® Forge™ platform, Web Point Cloud Viewer is integrated with Autodesk A360 cloud service.

Point cloud data, as the output format of 3D scanning processes, is now widely used in AEC, Manufacturing and Engineering. Nevertheless, a limited number of applications allow users to process point cloud data online, as well as support collaboration options. 

AMC Bridge created POC application for viewing point clouds, which is integrated with Autodesk A360 cloud service. It enables users to simply and securely store processed point clouds, as well as convert 3D files to PDF and share large complex models.

The application provides the following options: 

  • upload new models to the storage;
  • create a link to share a model by email, chat or by embedding directly into a site;
  • change model view, color and scale;
  • save and preview models;
  • easily collaborate with other Forge users

Using Forge as a cloud storage also enables users to control file access, downloading and storing period with permission features.

Currently, Web Point Cloud Viewer supports the following formats of point cloud data: *.pcd (ASCII, binary and binary compressed), *.pts, *.ptx, and *.e57 .

Please see a short video demonstration

Web Point Cloud Viewer
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