Aras-for-SketchUp™ is a SketchUp® add-in that connects it to Aras® Innovator® and provides direct access to PLM functionality from SketchUp design software.

Aras-for-SketchUp enables users to:

  • Manage CAD documents using the distinct SketchUp Package for Aras Innovator.
  • Register SketchUp document or document hierarchy into Aras Innovator PLM system.
  • Retrieve Document from PLM system and open it in SketchUp.
  • Perform lock/Unlock operations directly from SketchUp.
  • Store document modifications to Aras Innovator.
  • Launch SketchUp application to review and edit the selected model directly from the Aras Innovator PLM .

Figure 1. SketchUp Connector for Aras Innovator. 

The add-in is compatible with SketchUp 2013 - 2015. 

The video demonstrations below show capabilities of Aras-for-SketchUp:

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