CAD-to-Etsy™ is a proof of concept of an add-in that extends the functionality of Autodesk® Fusion 360™ enabling users to connect to Etsy e-commerce platform, populate listing items and attach a rendered model from Fusion 360. It also enables users to connect to Autodesk Forge platform and attach a model file from Forge storage to an Etsy listing of digital type.

Add-in features the following functions:

  • Connect to e-commerce platforms using user account information.
  • Create photo-realistic visualization of a digital mock-up.
  • Store common item information in data cards according to the e-commerce platform data structure.
  • Create and auto-fill listing items within e-commerce platform: common information and photos.
  • Connect to Forge platform using information of Autodesk user’s account.
  • Get access to the Forge storage.
  • Get and attach model file to Etsy listing of digital type.

CADtoEtsy supports Autodesk Fusion 360 for Windows.

The video demonstration below shows add-in basic functions.

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