AMC Bridge is Among Top 10 SolidWorks Solution Providers – 2020

AMC Bridge is Among Top 10 SolidWorks Solution Providers – 2020

Waltham, MA - 

In its latest issue, Manufacturing Technology Insights published a list of Top 10 SolidWorks Solution Providers – 2020 featuring AMC Bridge as one of the companies that are at the forefront of revolutionizing the manufacturing sector through groundbreaking SolidWorks® solutions.

As a SolidWorks Certified Solution Partner, AMC Bridge has a proven track record of professional customization solutions for our Clients using DS SolidWorks families of APIs. Such customized implementations move business along the road of Digital Transformation by breaking internal silos and making internal know-how, productivity improvements, and innovations available across the Enterprise.

“AMC Bridge is serving SolidWorks community for almost 20 years. We are very proud to be named to Top 10 SolidWorks Solution Providers – 2020”, says Igor Tsinman, President of AMC Bridge.

About Manufacturing Technology Insights

Manufacturing Technology Insights is a technology magazine that helps industrial manufacturers focus their investments on developing technology platforms and new operating models that can take their organization to new heights in integrating their customer’s operations.

About AMC Bridge

With 20+ years of experience and unmatched industry expertise, AMC Bridge helps companies eliminate the inefficiencies and productivity roadblocks caused by data silos and complex data systems. We create custom software applications that make relevant information available across systems and platforms in Engineering, Manufacturing, and AEC. Our custom solutions connect isolated applications to enterprise-wide data management platforms, optimize and enhance data exchange between disjoined applications, enable real-time data synchronization, and promote data availability through cloud deployment and mobile access.

May 12, 2020
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