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AMC Bridge Presents the Onshape Parts Explorer Technology Demonstration

AMC Bridge Presents the Onshape Parts Explorer Technology Demonstration

Waltham, MA - 

AMC Bridge presents Onshape® Parts Explorer, a technology demonstration that enables users to see all the documents, elements, and bills of material of their Onshape® account in one dialog, search through them using a set of filtering and preview tools, and access the selected instances in Onshape.

Onshape Parts Explorer provides users with a laconic three-pane UI where they can simultaneously see the list of all their Onshape documents, view all the elements of each document, and preview selected elements.

The search functionality of the technology demonstration enables users to search for elements using text patterns and filter the search results by the main Onshape element types (Part Studio, Assembly, and so on).

While working with assemblies, users can search for a specified element within an assembly, view a simple BOM in the preview pane, export it to three different formats (CSV, HTML, and XML), preview a specific BOM item, and search for it in other assemblies.

From the Onshape Parts Explorer preview pane, users can open any selected element and modify it in Onshape. The technology demonstration will back up all the changes.

To see the current functionality of the Onshape Parts Explorer technology demonstration, watch a short demo video.

If you are interested in a tool customized or enhanced for your needs, please contact us to discuss the details.

About AMC Bridge

AMC Bridge is a vendor of choice for software development services in the areas of computer-aided design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction. Since 1999, we have been delivering solutions for CAD, CAE, CAM, PDM, BIM, and PLM applications. We have participated in the development of commercial software products and custom solutions for the engineering markets based on a variety of platforms, from desktop and web to mobile and cloud.

Oct 10, 2019
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Dec 10, 2020
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