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AMC Bridge Fosters Innovation in 3D Printing: Rize Connect Case Study

Striving to industrialize 3D printing, printer manufacturers are adopting new technologies to stay ahead of the curve and satisfy the Customers' needs.

Determined to deliver flexibility and scalability to its customers, Rize Inc., a well-recognized manufacturer of the world’s first hybrid 3D printers, has selected AMC Bridge to implement a concept of a cloud platform, which allows monitoring and managing 3D printers from any location.

    • Development of a flexible cloud platform, which allows multiple customers to monitor printer health and task queue
    • Seamless integration of the cloud platform with the desktop application
    • Embedded firmware for a 3D printer that interacts with the cloud platform
    • Comprehensive experience in engineering and simulation software development combined with relevant cloud technology competence
    • Proven track record of on-time project deliveries for companies ranging from early-stage startups to the major players in the industry
    • Results-oriented professional team
    • Fully functional solution, which streamlines manufacturing processes, makes printers easy to maintain and monitor


Rize is a Boston, MA-based, next-generation additive manufacturing company, which achieved substantial breakthrough combining two distinct technologies: material extrusion and material jetting into industrial 3D printers.

Rize 3D printers are purpose-built to sustainably deliver industry-leading strength, security, speed, and safety. The company’s products are extensively used in manufacturing, life sciences, architecture, and defense industries worldwide.


Striving to industrialize 3D printing, printer manufacturers are adopting new technologies to stay ahead of the curve and satisfy the industry needs.

With the goal to redefine desktop 3D printing and drive sustainable innovation, Rize aimed to develop a cloud platform that would enable users to manage and monitor their RIZE ONE and XRIZE 3D printers from any location. The Client wanted to be able to set up the printing and track its progress remotely with no need for operators to be present during the entire process.

Having come up with the concept, the company searched for a vendor with practical experience in developing engineering software and with relevant cloud technology competence. Owing to the substantial record of successful projects delivered to the large industry players involved in engineering, 3D modeling, cloud-based technologies, manufacture, and construction, AMC Bridge was entrusted with the cloud platform development.


To fulfill customer needs, the AMC Bridge team developed a ready-to-release cloud platform, supplemented with a comprehensive suite of programmatic solutions. With its flexible architecture, the platform provides an easy way to monitor printer health and task queue for multiple customers in one cloud solution.

The solution can connect to a desktop application using the Rize OneTouch integration module.

Rize Connect Cloud Platform enables users to:

  • Remotely manage and monitor RIZE ONE and XRIZE 3D printers
  • Manage an enterprise print farm from desktop and from mobile devices

  • Receive status notifications via SMS and email

  • Process the job queue and user requests

  • Seamlessly integrate with a desktop application

The platform provides the following benefits:

  • Secure printer communication that is encrypted with SSL/TLS

  • Remote troubleshooting and faster turnaround for Rize customer support teams

  • User management with flexible user-organization models and multiple user roles and permissions

The platform is a set of loosely coupled, collaborating services where each service is running its own process.

To ensure secure additive manufacturing and easily manage access restrictions, Rize Connect Cloud Platform can be configured either as a public or a private cloud. A private cloud allows an organization to customize its resources to meet the specific requirements and protect sensitive data.


Following the general vision of the Client, AMC Bridge took the lead in developing the platform from scratch and maintained the ‘vendor initiative’ atmosphere throughout the collaboration.

At the Discovery stage, the AMC Bridge team defined the platform requirements and created a functional specification, where they offered the best development options for future implementation and introduced an optimal architecture configuration. Once the Client approved the proposal, the Implementation stage was initiated, and the team started to develop the cloud platform itself. Additionally, they implemented the supplementary programmatic suite, which consisted of:

  • Stand-alone simulation software to emulate printer interaction with the system
  • Certificate service designed for secure delivery of printer certificates

  • Rize OneTouch integration module, which connects the platform to the desktop application using the exposed Rize Connect API

To ensure that all Client requirements were addressed successfully, AMC Bridge held biweekly product demonstrations and sent weekly status reports to Rize stakeholders.

Upon completion of the functional and regression testing, the team delivered the ready-to-use cloud platform.


AMC Bridge has developed the flexible Rize Connect Cloud Platform that benefits users and increases customer satisfaction by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and providing an intuitive workflow.

Developed to ensure maximum security and minimal material management, the solution package significantly scaled up the customer list of Rize Inc. to organizations with business-critical operations that were seeking improved safety and enhanced control over their environment.

Rize Connect Cloud Platform became another competitive advantage for Rize Inc. to stay ahead of its competitors and grow the market share in industrial 3D printing.

With this positive feedback, Tejas Baindur, Product Manager, IoT and Data Science at Rize Inc., proved that Rize Inc. received excellent services due to the high performance of the AMC Bridge team: “The team is very flexible, responsive, co-operative, easy to work with and efficient. It is a good experience working with AMC Bridge overall.”

Oct 16, 2020
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