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Visualization of 3D Models in BIM Environment

"AMC Bridge was recommended to us as an expert SOLIDWORKS API development resource, which they confirmed at the very beginning of the project. In addition to being a highly skilled software development professionals, AMC Bridge’s software engineers demonstrated an inquisitive and critical look at the problem at hands by discovering and offering us some enhanced capabilities of the tools that we ask them to build for us. We’ve been very happy with the results and we are looking forward to continue our cooperation."
Klaus Czakert, Head of Sales, planetsoftware.

planet software
Customer: planetsoftwareplanetsoftware

planetsoftware, a SOLIDWORKS reseller in Austria, contacted AMC Bridge with a request for development of a tool that would add support for the visualization of SOLIDWORKS models in Navisworks. This functionality was available at some point but has been discontinued after Navisworks’s acquisition. However, the demand for this functionality still exists among some of the SOLIDWORKS users who have Navisworks ingrained in their workflow.

After a careful evaluation of this request, AMC Bridge not only developed the tool that enabled visualization of the geometry of SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies in Navisworks, but also improved the filter layer to bring the lighting characteristics, which could be present in SOLIDWORKS models, into Navisworks, which was an enhancement compare to the older discontinued version.

The add-in, implemented as a Navisworks file loader by means of NWCreate API using C++ wrapper, can handle SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies.


planetsoftware also needed licensing capabilities for this application, which AMC Bridge developed using Quick License Manager (QLM), with multiple levels of coverage from a 30-days evaluation license to a permanent license bound to the end-user hardware.

AMC Bridge provided planetsoftware with a fully functional product that enabled the company to meet the demand of their customers, and even exceed their expectations with additional capabilities of the new SOLIDWORKS-to-Navisworks software bridge.
planetsoftware didn’t have the internal development resources available at the time, so outsourcing this project to AMC Bridge enabled planetsoftware to undertake this development without further delay and produce a top‐quality tool.

Aug 16, 2010
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