How to Successfully Exchange Key Information

How to Successfully Exchange Key Information

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On the episode of Digital Enterprise Society podcast, Mark Driscoll, senior director of Enterprise Sales at AMC Bridge, examines the ways that key information can more effectively be exchanged across systems.

He defines the three pillars of the digital enterprise and offers a starting point to get systems running at maximum effectiveness within companies as well as from suppliers to manufacturers. Mark also shares key career advice that can help anyone come out on the other side of this worldwide pandemic with stronger connections and greater innovative opportunities than ever before. 

On podcast, you will learn:

Understanding and managing the three pillars of the digital enterprise

  • Data availability and management — is the information you have relevant to your design?
  • Domain expertise automation includes the proper application of employee expertise and skills
  • Application of technology solutions ensures appropriate access to the product elements that users need
  • There may not be a one-size-fits-all tool that will solve all of your tool needs but there are several highly effective options to choose from

How to successfully exchange key information across your supply change

  • Evaluate the CAD interchanges and PLM tools that vary from suppliers to manufacturers
  • Identify the legacy systems that have the potential to unnecessarily complicate processes
  • When trying to maximize effectiveness of systems, don’t tie yourself to one process
  • Automating domain expertise can minimize language and system disparities
  • Companies need to automate wherever possible in order to allow humans to apply higher-level value to processes

Advice for your career in regards to COVID-19

  • Companies need to adapt to the virtual gathering options
  • Embrace social tightening opportunities by connecting with coworkers and mentors — even if it’s through virtual meet-ups
  • These circumstances are presenting opportunities for innovation as we’ve never seen before
  • Don’t be afraid to innovate — innovative tools are what drive the digital enterprise forward

Listen to the entire podcast episode on Digital Enterprise Society.

May 20, 2020
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