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Meet Three Developers Driving New Solutions for AEC

Meet Three Developers Driving New Solutions for AEC

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Autodesk Developer Network is an ever-growing community of third-party product experts and programmers who customize Autodesk software through APIs, or application programming interfaces. Autodesk continually rolls out and updates APIs to help developers link new solutions to products, improving everything from workflow traffic jams to interoperability between Autodesk software and other vendors.

“We’ve always looked for ways to give our customers the freedom, choice, and flexibility to make our products work for them,” said Jim Quanci, senior director of the Autodesk Developer Network. “But we can’t do it alone. We need partners to fulfill the specialized needs of our customers. You can’t buy digital transformation in a box.”

Autodesk partners range from moonlighters to full-service software consultants like AMC Bridge, which created the popular CADtoEarth for Autodesk Revit app. CADtoEarth allows you to import 3D topography from Cesium, an open platform, into Revit and place your building model directly in its unique environment. You can then convert your model into a 3D PDF so anyone with an internet connection can view it. The AEC app generates tens of thousands of free downloads every year, but AMC Bridge primarily uses the app store to test the market and reach new customers who need bespoke solutions.

“Every enterprise is unique,” said Igor Tsinman, president of AMC Bridge. “When people are buying off-the-shelf software and basic functionality, it serves about 80% of their needs. That’s where we come in, to serve the other 20%.”

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May 17, 2021
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